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Jewellery Packaging for Ecommerce

In an ideal world, every brand would have bespoke packaging to project their image and meet the practical needs of both the shop and the customer. It could be a traditional customised jewellery box within a branded luxury paper bag, or something quirky, unusual and colourful. If you are an ecommerce business the priorities for your packaging may not be about aesthetics, you may think to yourself 'Who sees it?' Increasing the size and weight of the end packaging also becomes a concern when posting the products. That is why at Stockpak, we have a range of boxes which are all small enough to fit the Royal Mail Large Letter size.

Packaging designed for mailing needs to perform on a number of different levels.Postal Range

Design, dimensions and durability. These are three of the considerations which ecommerce businesses have to give to their packaging, particularly for jewellery or gifts. Trading online is a different ball-game entirely from a brick and mortar store, and whether you are selling £10,000 diamonds or handmade scarves, there are a few important things to consider when packaging your products for delivery to your customers.

  1. Think of the design of your package. Just because it has reached the customer in an envelope, probably via Royal Mail, doesn't mean it shouldn't be beautifully presented. A pair of earrings always looks more impressive when packaged in a jewellery box rather than in a bag or envelope.
  2. Another added benefit of selling your gifts or jewellery in an appropriate box is that they will be protected. Most presentation packaging will be available with an insert to protect your product. This could be as simple as a cardboard gift box with polyester cotton fill wadding, or a luxury pendant box with slots to hold the jewellery in place.
  3. Using a specially designed range of boxes will save you money on postage. The postal range from Stockpak is all designed to fit the Royal Mail large envelope size, meaning you can have all the benefits of packaging your jewellery in jewellery boxes, without the added cost to you or your customers, of increasing the postage.


If you are looking for a way to make your ecommerce business stand out, and create customers who come back again and again, use clever packaging as a form of customer service. It can make a real difference.

For inspiration check out the Postal Range from Stockpak. 

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