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Interested in getting your logo or other graphics printed our packaging?  Not a problem.

We can personalise most of our stock product with your business logo.  Printing is normally on the box top but can also be on the inside lid liner for some boxes.

We can offer a hot foil stamp in:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • White
  • Black

What is required from you:

1. File Format

High resolution (600dpi) file formatted in either a PDF or EPS generated in Adobe Illustrator is considered to be vector artwork allowing it to be editable and resized without degrading the quality (clarity of the logo).

  • JPEG, TIFF, PSD or GIF files will not be accepted
  • Artwork pulled or copied from a web site can not be accepted

2. Black and White

Logo artwork and / or text must be solid black on a white background.  Logo must not have any tints, screens or graduation.

3. Logo Design

Your logo must be submitted sharp, solid and with clean edges.  If there are too many intricate details we will not be able to produce a die of your logo.

4. Logo with Fonts

Logos submitted with fonts must be converted to outlines or you will be responsible for providing the specific font files along with the artwork.

5. Pricing and Lead time

There is an initial cost to produce a print die of £50.  We retain this for your further use.

The minimum print order is 100 pieces per size.

For foil print:

  • 100 to 500 pieces per item - 20p per item
  • over 500 pieces per item - 15p per item

Lead time from artwork approval is 4 weeks.

Unfortunately you can't click all of this through our website but the bonus is that you get to phone us (or email and we'll call back) and talk through how we can best help you.

6. Samples

If you would like to see a printed sample before ordering, we can send an example with a print from an existing print die free of charge.  If you need to see exactly how your logo will look on a specific box then the cost will be £50 for the print die and then £10 for each type of box sampled.

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