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Brunston Range

Stylish Paper Hinged Cardboard Eco Jewellery Boxes in Black and Grey.

The stylish paper hinged black and grey eco cardboard jewellery and gift boxes in our Brunston Range are suitable for rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

All eco boxes are covered and lined in fully recyclable and FSC accredited paper, as well as fitted with a card platform insert covered in recycled matching coloured suede.

All cardboard and paper used for box shell and inserts has FSC accreditation and is fully recyclable making these wco boxes a great sustainable option.

We can print your logo on most of the boxes within this range. For more details, visit our printing page.

In addition, we are a UK-based manufacturer. As a result, we can custom design a specific item. However, you would need to meet our minimum order of 1000 pieces. For more details, visit our custom design page.

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